Q. Consider the following statements to the explain why Uttar Pradesh is called the ‘Sugar-bowl of India’. 1. U.P has the highest production of sugarcane. 2. U.P. has the sugarcane engineering education institutes. 3. U.P. has the largest number of sugar mills. 4. U.P. has the highest number of sugarcane growers. Which of the above explanations are correct?

Statement (1) is true. During the year 2016 – 17 the total production of sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh was 1,33,704 thousands tonnes, which is highest in the country. Statement (2) is true. Indian Sugarcane Research Institute is located in Lucknow which is generally the Sugarcane engineering education Institute only. Statement (3) is false. According to the data of year 2014 – 15 the number of sugar mills in the country is highest in Maharashtra. Uttar Pradesh is second in terms of number of sugar mills. Statement (4) is true. The figures for the sugarcane growers are unavailable. But keeping in view the production and other general parameters. It can be said that Uttar Pradesh has highest sugarcane grower.

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